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See Blog for helpful information on voice, spasmodic dysphonia, counseling and other topics to expand your clinical knowledge. 

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Are you an SLP looking to learn more about voice assessment and treatment? Check out our blog to learn about speech voice and language disorders, to find resources, and to learn about Christie DeLuca's journey as a speech language pathologist with a communication disorder, spasmodic dysphnonia.

 Are you an SLP or professional with interest in learning more about voice, the career of a voice SLP, how to gain more voice experience or break into the voice world? Are you a professional wanting specialized consulting for difficult cases? 

Christie DeLuca is available for consulting and formal and informal mentorship services with aspiring SLPs, Speech Language Pathologists, Otolaryngologists/ENTs, 

Neurologists and other professionals.

Available for guest speaking engagements at graduate school classes, hospital in-services, department training/development, interdepartmental meetings, support groups, and conferences.


Clinical Voice Foundations is my signature course for building foundations in voice. 

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