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Coaching and Mentorship for Aspiring and Current Voice SLPs

Are you looking to break into the voice field but don't know where to start? 

Do you feel lost, confused, imposter syndrome or burned out when it comes to your voice career or in trying to build clinical skills? 

Want mentorship from someone who has been in your exact shoes and mentored many successful voice SLPS to succeed on their career path? 

Have some voice training but feel like you just don't know "enough" when it comes to getting a voice-specialized position?

Know you need mentorship beyond just passive courses to get to your ideal career in voice but can't seem to find it?

It is no secret that the field of Voice is one of the most highly specialized and competitive fields to break into in speech language pathology.  To top that off, there's a big leap you must make from that one graduate school voice class that barelyyy scratched the surface of voice, to a caseload of 25+ evaluations a day, complex cases, and the position of expert in conjunction with a physician. 
You feel lost on what to do next, exhausted from putting out feelers for a voice placement, CF, or job everywhere, frustrated, and starting to doubt your own skills. The "no"s you've received in your inbox feel like bigger and bigger rejections and are making you question whether you're destined to do this or whether it's all worth it (even though inside you KNOW this is your passion and what you're meant to do).
Trust me, I've been there. I went from having one graduate course on voice that barely scratched the surface to being a Clinical Voice Specialist at two of the most highly recognized hospitals in the country, Brigham and Women's Hospital and Cedars Sinai Medical Center after completing my Clinical Fellowship at Mount Sinai Grabscheid Voice and Swallowing Center. I have worked in a Dystonia and Motor research lab at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, am publishing my Master's Thesis and have been an invited presenter at at ASHA, The Voice Foundation, The Fall Voice Conference, Harvard Medical School, Boston Children's Hospital, National Spasmodic Dysphonia Association, and more. I'm an Adjunct Professor for Voice Disorders for NYU, have mentored student externs in voice and I've coached many clients to get epic clinical and career success voice. 

Whether you're a graduate student with an interest in learning more about voice and the steps you should be doing NOW to get a Voice Clinical Fellowship or have been in the field for a few years wanting to gain more expertise in voice and create your OWN non-traditional path to voice, you're in the right place. 

I've coached and mentored my clients to get top Voice Center Clinical Fellowships and positions including at the Voice Centers of USC, Lakeshore, Emory, Rochester, Mount Sinai and voice-focused private practices. I've coached my clients on finding their clinical "voice" and in sharpening their clinical tools to lose imposter syndrome. I've mentored on time management, dealing with overwhelm, and in sinking into your strength as a voice SLP and have worked with my clients to develop specific short term and long term strategic plans to reach their ideal goals (which we working on first building through the belief of possibility for yourself). 

I offer 1:1 coaching sessions for SLPs and SLP-to-bes looking to get well-versed in voice skills and to prepare to "break into" the voice field. 
Interested? Set up a consult call to learn more. 

1:1 Coaching Packages

The Early Career Voice Professional
For you if you are early in grad school but want to get clear on your goals and actions steps to move closer towards your goals in starting out on the path to a Voice Clinical Fellowship. You have some of the pieces but feel like you're missing key pieces to be well-positioned in the next 1-2 years to get a Voice Clinical Fellowship. A key time to be developing your skills, advocating for a voice placement/externship, delving into research experience, and building connections is 6 months to a year before you start the Clinical Fellowship application process. We dig into getting you true clinical experience (not just knowledge), finding your "way in", identifying and honing your unique skills, creating clinical opportunities for you NOW to set you up well for a Voice Clinical Fellowship, getting clear on career priorities and building your long term path. 

The Voice Clinical Fellowship Seeker 
For you if your dream is snagging a Voice Clinical Fellowship position and you are prepping for the Voice CF application process. You have a resume and know the basics of a cover letter but aren't yet sure  what sets you apart, your unique value or how to express why they should pick you over all of the other qualified candidates. You know general interview questions but want to build unshakable confidence in what you bring to to the table in a way that feels authentic and not "icky" like you are trying to "fake it" selling yourself. We get clear on what your unique value and positioning is to thrive in each position you're applying to. We build authentic confidence from your personality and passions. We do a deep dive into resume and cover letter edits to express you and your unique value on a page. We delve into mock interviews and cases studies to stick out amongst the stiff competition. I coach you on maintaining confidence throughout the entire process rather than having to feel the rollercoaster of emotions in waxes and wanes and I support you in setting you up for success on a path to voice *no matter what*.

The Non-Traditional SLP 
You want to go into voice but you either did not do a Voice Clinical Fellowship or are finding that the traditional path to voice (Voice Center Clinical Fellowship) is just not your path at this time. You've heard me talk a lot about my non-traditional path to Voice and know that there are other ways in to the field of voice but don't even know where to start. You want to either transition from a different setting to voice or you want a path that still allows you to function in some capacity (i.e. part time) as a Voice Specialist even if not in a Voice Center! Myself and many of my clients have created their own clinical experiences and built their own foundations through our work together, ending up at top voice centers or starting their own voice private practices. Together we create your ideal position in your way on your timeline through reverse engineering your dream goal, building clinical foundations, and getting your mindset clean for showing all the way up to create your own success. 

The Voice Specialist
You are already working as an SLP or already a voice SLP and want HIGH level support for being the best Voice SLP you can be. You're sick of feeling stuck with voice clients, want to feel confident in your voice position, want tools for reducing the feelings of imposter syndrome and overwhelm. We talk clinical intuition and foundations, your hard and soft clinical skills, documentation, time management, and often overlooked but very important, your mindset of your value and skills as a clinician. You get access to my entire Clinical Voice Foundations program. We train perceptual ratings, review strobes together, fine-tune your modeling, do mock case study reviews, and go through navigating the challenges of real patients of your caseload. 

Do any of these sound like you? Want to know more or have questions? Set up a free 30 minute call to see how I can be helpful in your voice SLP journey.  

You may be saying this is what I know I NEED to get me to the next level. Your brain may also give you some reasons why now may not be the right time.

If your brain tells you that you "don't have time", you "can't afford it", you "should do it yourself" or that "you're fine" with where you're at but you feel a pull knowing you could be doing so much more or guaranteeing living out your ideal in 6 months, let's look at what might be going on. 

Your brain may want to protect you from all the scary as f*ck stuff that investing in mentorship and going all the way in to your goals brings up. Totally normal. And seems "safer" to hold off, right? 

But here's the thing. You will always be busy. You will always have to consider finances. You can do it on your own (just with a lot more struggle and time to get there). You're not getting the results you want now. And it's not working for you the way you know it CAN. 

So ask yourself, what's the cost of not going all in with structured support, action and mindset now? Where will you be in 6 months with after coaching versus without? 

What are you trying now (i.e. endless CEUs, digging through research trying to "figure it out" after long days, feeling consistent imposter syndrome, spinning in a circle or throwing spaghetti at a wall...)? And is it working? 

Do you believe that with the right tools given to you that you can make your dream happen? 

And some last ones...

Does it bring up fear to think about you actually reaching your goals (i.e. the level of showing up, your responsibility, your skill level)? How is this preventing you from taking action now? (hint: This is totally normal and something I coach my clients through at all levels of stepping up)

If you envisioned your successful self in 5 years, how would they be making decisions? What action would they be taking? How would they be showing up? Can you align your actions NOW with that? 

If you're still here and feel in your gut this is something you WANT but your brain is still giving you rational-sounding reasons why you "just can't" let's dig into some of those on a consult call and see what else your brain is telling you that has been holding you back in your career and life. 

In my consult calls we chat to get to know you, your passions in voice, what makes you tick, what your IDEAL of all ideals of a career would be. We look at where you are NOW and I help to identify gaps to where you want to be (clinical foundations, experiences, or mindset) that I can easily identify on a call. Then we develop a plan together for making your goals very reachable within 6 months. We talk about how I could help you implement that plan and continue to build on both strategic implementation of action steps, while addressing all of the mindset blocks that are coming up for you. Then we decide whether the coaching relationship is a good fit and whether it's the right time. If not, you walk away with a clear idea of what your blocks are and what your work is. 

If you're IN, schedule the consult call here.

If you're wondering about my coaching and what that even entails? We go through that in detail on our consult call. 

To give you an idea of what to expect with my coaching, we meet 1:1 every week or every other week where we go through clinical training on different skills, clinical cases, and I coach on anything that's been coming up for you (difficult rejections, navigating upcoming interviews, figuring out what decision is "right" in your next steps, in getting unstuck...). 

You also get access to my entire Clinical Voice Foundations Program (literally 15+ hours of content with everything you need to know to have a strong clinical foundation in voice (more than $1500 in value right there alone with more than enough foundational training to get you a job as a Voice SLP and lose imposter syndrome just with that). And if you didn't get that voice externship? This is your new best friend. It's not knowledge like other courses, but puts it all together in an applicable clinical framework and context.  And of course then we apply it all in our coaching. So you come with questions- I answer them. We fine-tune your modeling, perceptual, and counseling skills. You walk me through your physiological rationales for techniques, your explanations you'd use with patients, your case summaries you give to laryngologist and your stroboscopic reports and I help you shift and fine-tune your craft. We go through mock cases and actual challenging cases on your caseload. So by the time we're finished, you will not only say "see ya" to imposter syndrome but "whaddup" to epic confidence with patients and in your role as a voice SLP. 

The best way I can describe my coaching style is entirely tough love. I am so incredibly supportive and have your back for helping you reach your goals 1,000% percent of the way. I help you navigate the roadblocks and rejections and shift course as needed, but I also help you celebrate the big and small wins. I get you to see your gaps, your thought barriers that you can't see, the clear path that's not yet visible to you, but also your strengths that you aren't seeing or allowing yourself to see as immense strengths. I call you in with thoughtful challenges to your current old and patterned thoughts, rationales, and limiting beliefs in a very real but supportive way. I don't sugarcoat because that ain't helpful for anyone. You get me stepping up to serve at your highest self and you meet me, showing up at your highest self both on and outside of the calls (and that my friends, is where the magic happens). 

Let's do this.  

All of my clients get results. It's that simple. Yes, they get the fancy Voice Center positions. But it's more than that. They step into the confidence to OWN the sh*z out of their own skills as a voice SLP. They lose the identity of "someone who sees voice patients" and step into "Clinical Voice Specialist". They lose imposter syndrome, reduce burnout, reduce frustration with patient plateaus and feeling like a "failure" and start to feel that passion again in their jobs. They advocate the h*ll for patient-centered care, for starting strobe/FEES clinics in their hospitals and for needed changes that help their patients. They don't worry about IF they will make it and learn together how to sink into the KNOWING they will with the alchemy of strategy and mindset work we do. 

So, if you are ready to say YES to your dream career and to yourself and to open the doors to possibility, not "one day soon", but NOW, sign up for a consult with me and let's get you there. 

Feel free to email me at any time with any questions. 

I can't WAIT to help you create what's possible for you. 

Join our email list to get helpful tips for reaching your voice SLP goals, news about upcoming courses, and learn more about how I can be a helpful resource in your voice SLP journey. 
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You're in! Can't wait to chat soon :)

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