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You're here for a reason

Welcome to Speaking Boldly!


We're glad you're here. You might have several reasons for being here.


It's not just about the words you say. It's about your confidence when speaking, your ability to find and use the exact words you want, to speak effortlessly, or having the right intonation, clarity, and tone of voice.


It's about being understood and being heard clearly by others. Speaking in groups, giving presentations, and speaking on the phone can all now be harder. Even your job may depend on your ability to communicate well. Maybe speaking used to be automatic but perhaps it's far from that anymore. 


How would it feel to get back to a place where you don't have to think about the process of speaking, your speech, or how your voice will sound when you talk? What if you could say what you want, when you want, how you want to say it? It's the little tasks that make a big difference - delivering a point in a meeting without hesitation or need to repeat, feeling self-assured when meeting someone for the first time, when dating, or when speaking to your boss or an authority figure. Your communication impairment should not define you or your life.


Let's get you back to life on your terms.

At Speaking Boldly we look at the bigger picture- not just giving symptoms a diagnosis, but in digging deeper to discover how surface level "symptoms" really affect day to day life. The psychosocial effects of a disorder (i.e. social withdrawal, anxiety, frustration, avoidance of communication, changes in self-perception or self-confidence) are just as important, if not more so, to discuss and tackle as are the readily apparent communication impairments.  

As someone with a communication disorder myself, we at Speaking Boldly get it. Whatever it is you need for your communication, we're here for you. 


Voice, Speech, and Language private Teletherapy sessions

One-on-one sessions via Teletherapy with Christie DeLuca, speech language pathologist, to target improving voice, speech, or language skills in adults. Specialized in adult voice and neurological disorders such as: spasmodic dysphonia, vocal tremor, aphasia, dysarthria, apraxia, and other voice disorders such as muscle tension dysphonia, vocal nodules, Parkinson's voice, transgender voice affirmation services and more. We also specialize in stuttering in all ages. 

Blog & 


Check out our blog to learn about speech voice and language disorders, to find resources, and to learn about Christie DeLuca's journey as a speech language pathologist with a communication disorder, spasmodic dysphonia.

Education Portal & Group Workshops

Soon to come! Educational platform and group workshops for those with chronic neurological communication disorders such as spasmodic dysphonia, and vocal tremor, centered around topics of interest!


Free consultation

Interested in voice therapy or speech therapy services? Not sure what you need, or if you even need services? Don't want to make a commitment yet but want to get more information? Let's set up a free brief 15 minute consultation to further discuss you needs and how we can help. Christie Deluca,  MS CCC-SLP will speak with you to determine the best next steps while discussing your individual goals, needs, and timeline.  Family members, significant others and caregivers are welcome to join, ask questions, and participate in consultations. 


Once you make the decision to receive voice therapy or speech therapy, an evaluation will be conducted to determine the nature and severity of the impairment and to begin to set appropriate goals for remediation. Evaluations may include collection of case history and medical history, standardized assessments or collection of objective baseline measures, in addition to informal assessments, and quality of life scales. The evaluation includes some trial voice therapy techniques or trial speech therapy in addition to evaluation results, discussion of both clinician and client goals, and planned course of treatment.


After an evaluation has been completed and goals have been established you are on your way to remediation! Voice therapy or speech therapy at Speaking Boldly will consist of highly personalized and individualized tasks with achievable steps to help clients reach his/her goals and return to effective communication. No two therapy sessions for clients look the same - even for those with the same disorder, as each person presents with different severities, specific difficulties,  and learning styles. Therapy is individualized to the person at hand and made not only directly translatable, but fun! You'll be having real conversations in sessions, be educated on normal patterns of speech/communication versus your new patterns. You will be provided with encouragement, support, and endless assistance through the entire process. You will be given at-home work to help make a long-lasting, effective change. 

Home Program

Once you have achieved a reasonable level of functioning with satisfaction in your goals you will be discharged from therapy. At this time you will have the tools you need to fully be independent in continuing to develop your communication skills. We are always open for support, additional questions as they come or "check in" emails or sessions at any point after discharge.  We understand that often this is a long and challenging process even after discharge sometimes, and are always here to help in whatever way possible. 

Rates, Payment, Process, Commitment and Other Questions can be viewed in the FAQ section. 

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