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Stimulability in voice treatment: What is it and what are the important uses?

STIMULABILITY. Yes, it’s a REAL word and YES you should know it!

If you’ve never heard of stimulability or if you don’t know how powerful it can be keep scrollin’!

Why is stimulability so important during a voice eval?

Yes, it’s very important to not only assess if a patient can benefit from voice therapy BUT the other magical benefit is to really get “buy in” from patients for therapy. ✨

You always need “buy in” from the patient in order to show them why they need therapy and what it can actually do for them. If you don’t show them why they should take up to an hour out of their busy day each week to come to you AND practice every week you can almost bet they won’t initiate therapy, will just “no-show” or won’t comply with your recommendations! The old “proof is in the pudding”!

So how do you achieve this magical “buy-in” ? 👇🏻

Trial therapy strategies to have the patient notice a difference from their current voice. If you do a resonant hum and they say, “Wow, that feels easier!” cha-ching! You’ve hit the jackpot with “buy-in”! Now, they have a glimpse of where they can get to with their voice and they will WANT to do therapy to get there.

What “wins” have you found from stimulability?

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