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How to BUILD your own confidence as an early Voice SLP

Let’s move past the advice that confidence is simply just faking it til you make it…

Idk about you but that feels pretty icky AND still comes with a lot of underlying self-doubt.

Give me true confidence any day even if fleeting at first, even with imposter syndrome too, even if it takes being honest with myself about areas to grow and working more intentionally to get there.

Confidence as an early voice clinician can feel impossible when you feel like you don’t know anything but also feel like you should know everything at same time, going into a competitive CF.

I think about confidence probably in a way that’s different than what you think you have to be or have to get it.

Confidence does NOT mean you have to be naturally an extrovert or perfect or know everything.

It doesn’t mean you won’t get roadblocks or closed doors on your path.

What it DOES mean?

It DOES mean that you develop a deep trust in your clinical skills to be able to fall back on to work through clinical challenges.

It means that you know what you bring to the table clearly and what makes you stand out without trying to “fake” anything.

It means you have a plan and know what actions you want to be doing NOW to lead you to outcomes you want so that move forward with clarity and you’re not consistently doubting yourself and your path.

It means you accept the inherent imposter syndrome but don’t let it sit in the driver’s seat.

One of the things I find most important for early voice clinicians to build is not only competence but also CONFIDENCE in themselves as a clinician and their early path.

If you don’t have confidence in yourself to handle the challenges of the CF or job or that you’re the best person for the position then how can they have confidence in you either that they should hire you?

If you don’t have confidence that what you’re doing now is leading you to build directly up to your goals then you’re going to find yourself wasting a lot of time.

If you don’t have confidence that you are consistently growing in your clinical skills then you’re going to feel stuck sooner or later.

Oh, and?…

If you’re an introvert? Cool, we find things that feel GOOD to you to build connections and opportunities in YOUR way.

Have ADHD or like clarity? I give you structure and work with your style of taking action.

Don’t know where to start with fostering growth in your clinical skills? We do an audit and I meet you where you’re at. Then we make a plan that feels super duper doable even with a crazy clinical placement concurrently.

Feel strongly that you don’t have anything that makes you stand out to voice centers? Let me prove you wrong there on a consult 🙃

Everything stems from your belief in yourself to get to where you want to be and your belief in yourself that you CAN do it and you ARE qualified.

It would be nice if that belief was just there, but often it’s not. So we have to WORK on building that confidence by giving your brain tiny bits of proof over time, by creating opportunities to show yourself you DO know things, and by giving yourself structure to feel grounded in knowing exactly what you need to be doing.

This applies to clinical work, the voice CF, and all aspects of your career as an early voice clinician.

Ways to do this?

Case studies with a mentor to prove to yourself you DO know what you're talking about and to get your brain used to the pattern of talking through cases. Get clear on the unique and immense value you have to offer to voice centers. Keep reminding yourself all you've done until this point when it seemed hard or impossible.

Want help in buildling all of this? Schedule a free consult call with me and let's chat :)

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