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Voice Clinical Fellowship To-dos and timeline

If you're wondering what the heck to get done WHEN for the CF apps, I got ya 👇🏻👇🏻



  • Identify your UNIQUE value and traits and your “way in” to stand out from the crowd in your cover letter

  • Create an authentic, powerful, cover letter that makes them want to learn MORE about YOU

  • Revise your resume so that you SHOW them what you know and what kind of clinician you are, not just listing experience

  • Create a "bank" of notes on each center to easily individualize your cover letter next month

  • Have all recommendations requested


  • Individualize cover letter for each center

  • Start interview prep

  • Follow up as needed for any outstanding rec letters


  • Submit, submit, submit the apps! (You should already have all components already prepped and ready to go) so it’s plug and play baby!

  • Finish interview prep for the start of interviews this month!


  • Continue to fill clinical and experience gaps

  • Build your clinical frameworks and decision making process

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