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"Your voice is unique"

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

I remember when someone once said this quote to me at a Starbucks. She was the barista and I was having many breaks when trying to place my order. I was there the day before also. She said she remembered me because my voice was "unique". But further, she honestly was genuine and thought it was cool. I won’t forget that statement because it made me shift my perspective.

What if I thought about my voice as unique rather than the million other negative adjectives I was using to describe it in my head.

Which got me thinking. What would happen if we all take this perspective. As individuals we are all unique and everyone deals with something that makes them different. Everyone wants to fit it and be like everyone else. But what if, we looked at this voice disorder as something that makes one unique?

Makes one a better listener? More empathetic? Strong? More understanding of others?

Shifting perspective is one of the biggest things I think that could be helpful in managing a chronic communication disorder.

Maybe those around us aren't viewing the voice as negatively as we think. Maybe they are just wondering what is going on. Maybe if you let them know that you're comfortable and that it's just your voice it will make them feel comfortable (often it does).

If someone makes a negative comment or has a negative reaction to the voice maybe take the opportunity to educate. Perhaps shift from a negative perspective to one of pride of dealing with such a challenging disorder day to day.

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